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2KO Kenya offers online Cisco CCNA courses in  Kenya. We also offer full time Cisco CCNA courses in Nairobi for groups of four or more delegates. 2KO South Africa's CCNA course is offered to our international and local students. 2KO Africa offers IT consulting, technical IT services and top-of-the-range IT training on multiple platforms. Our best-of-breed computer courses are presented as instructor led classes or as online internet-based elearning, to ensure students have access to the best CCNA certification training in Kenya.


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As of February 2020, the existing CCNA certification will be obsolete. The NEW 2020 CCNA certification allows you to take one exam that encompasses a multitude of subjects, instead of several exams for all subjects.


This new exam will cover:

  • CCNA Cloud

  • CCNA Collaboration

  • CCNA Data Center

  • CCDA

  • CCNA Industrial

  • CCNA Routing and Switching

  • CCNA Security

  • CCNA Service Provider

  • CCNA Wireless


This new, simplified path helps students feel less overwhelmed with the CCNA certification. Once you complete your CCNA certification you can then begin to determine how you want to proceed with specializations.


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This course is designed to prepare you 100% for CCNA 200-301 certification exam.
Newer topics include automation, programmability, SDN, wireless and security fundamentals.
Learn how to configure and manage wired and wireless network connectivity for new internet connection model.

Basic computer skills
A basic understanding of networking (this will make it easier but is not required).
One or more years of experience implementing and administering Cisco solutions.
Knowledge of basic IP addressing
A good understanding of network fundamentals

Target Audience
CCNA 200-301 students.
Current CCNA certified students that want to recertify.
Anyone starting a networking career and want to learn.


Cisco 200-301: CCNA (New 2020 Release)

Course content added to the new version:

Networking Fundamentals
Networking Components: Overview
 Networking Components: Routers And Switches
 Networking Components: Ngfw And Ngips
 Networking Components: Cisco DNA Center
Networking Components: Overview
 Networking Components: Routers And Switches
 Networking Components: Ngfw And Ngips
 Networking Components: Cisco DNA Center
 Networking Components: Wlcs And Access Points
 Networking Components: Servers And Endpoints
 Networking Topology Architectures: Overview
 Network Topology Architectures: Data Center
 Networking Topology Architectures: Wan
 Networking Topology Architecture: Cloud
 Networking Topology Architectures: Soho
 Layer 1: Interfaces And Cabling
 Layer 1: Interfaces And Cabling Part 2
 Identifying Layer 1 Issues
 Identifying Layer 1 Issues Part 2
 Networking Protocols
 Networking Protocols Part 2
 IP Addressing: Overview
 IP Addressing: Ipv4 Basics
 IP Addressing: Ipv4 Subnetting Class C
 IP Address: Ipv4 Subnetting Class B
 IP Addressing: Ipv4 Subnetting Class A
 IP Addressing: Vlsm
 IP Addressing: Ipv6 Basics And Address Types
 IP Addressing: Ipv6 Basics And Address Types Pt.2
 IP Addressing: Ipv6 Configuration
 IP Addressing: Client Os
 Virtualization Fundamentals
 Virtualization Fundamentals Part 2
Network Access
 Network Access Overview
 Cisco Switching: Basic Concepts
 Cisco Switching: Vlan Configurations
 Cisco Switch: Vlan Configurations Part 2
 Cisco Switching: Interswitch Connectivity
 Cisco Switching: Interswitch Connectivity Part 2
 Cisco Switching: L2 Discovery Protocols
 Cisco Switching: L2 Discovery Protocols Part 2
 Cisco Switching: L2 Etherchannel Configuration
 Cisco Switching: L2 Etherchannel Config Pt.2
 Cisco Switching: L3 Etherchannel Configuration
 Cisco Switching: Spanning Tree Protocol Basics
 Cisco Switching: Stp Operations
 Cisco Switching: Stp Configuring Rpvstplus
 Cisco Switching: Stp Portfast And Bpduguard
 Cisco Wireless Basics
 Cisco Wireless Architecture
 Cisco Wlan Components
 Cisco Wlc Configuration
 Cisco Wireless Management Access
IP Connectivity
 IP Connectivity: Overview
 IP Addressing: Ipv4 Configuration
 IP Connectivity: Routing Basics
 IP Connectivity: Ipv4 Static Default, Net Routes
 IP Addressing: Ipv4 Subnetting Review
 IP Connectivity: Ipv4 Static Host, Floating Routes
 IP Connectivity: Ipv6 Static Default, Net Routes
 IP Connectivity: Ipv6 Static Host, Floating Routes
 IP Connectivity: Dynamic Routing Basics
 IP Connectivity: Single Area Ospfv2
 IP Connectivity: Single Area Ospfv2 Part 2
 IP Connectivity: First Hop Redundancy Protocols
 IP Connectivity: First Hop Redundancy Proto Pt2
IP Services
 IP Services Overview
 IP Services: Configuring, Verifying Nat
 IP Services: Configuring, Verifying Nat Pt.2
 IP Services: Configuring Ntp
 IP Services: Dns And Dhcp
 IP Services: Dns And Dhcp Part 2
 IP Services: Configuring Snmp
 IP Services: Understanding Syslog
 IP Services: Understanding Phb For Qos
 IP Services: Configuring Ssh
 IP Services: Using Ftp And Tftp
Security Fundamentals
 Security Fundamentals Overview
 Key Security Concepts
 Security Program Components
 Security Password Policy Components
 Intro To Aaa Security
 Understanding Vpn Types
 Configuring And Verifying Standard Acls
 Configuring And Verifying Extended Acls
 Configuring And Verifying Named Acls
 Configuring Port Security-Static
 Configuring Port Security-Sticky
 Configuring Dhcp Snooping And Dai
Automation And Programmability

 Automation And Programmability Overview
 Intro To Network Programmability

 Intro To SDN Architectures
 Intro To API Concepts
 Intro To REST-Based APIs
 Intro To Cisco DNA Center
 Intro To Config Management Utilities
 Interpret JSON Encoded Data


 Details about this course
More than 30 and a half hours of learning
 Includes video, presentations, workbooks, quizzes, flashcards & games
 Receive a Certificate of Excellence on successful completion
 Presented by highly qualified, industry leading experts
 12 Months access (Unless indicated otherwise)


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